Tuesday, April 13, 2004

customers_suck: TFTC2: Just the right amount of suck: "Declan, a fellow checkouts peon, due to a momentary lapse in customers was given the task of doing customer reviews. This is basically where you ask a customer who has just been served on a checkout to 'Answer a few short questions.' And its usually stuff like 'Was your cashier polite, did they offer help, did they say goodbye, have you any comments to make'.
To start with, and because he likes annoying me, he started with my customers. Brandishing his clipboard and pen he shouts to me
'Dave, you're going down.'
I just shake my head and recommended to all the customers I was serving that they try and hit him with their trolleys on the way out, and then make a break for the exit.

About 15 minutes later he comes back to me and says:
'Apparently you're winning.'
I had no idea what he was talking about
'The what now?'
'The customer reviews' he replies, brandishing his clipboard 'Everyone loves you.'

My eyebrows raise in confusion.

'Yeah' he replies 'All the other cashiers got good scores, but you've got all perfect scores, and two people even insisted on writing comments saying they try to go to your checkout especially because you're so enjoyable to talk to!'

My eyebrow raises further
'You're lying.'

He shakes his head
'I shit you not.'

I shrug 'Alright, that's cool I guess. I don't understand why though. I even told most of them to run you over as they passed.'


'Erm... nothing'

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