Wednesday, September 01, 2004

customers_suck: Tales from the telemarketing trenches.
Also? "Bunni Nibblebit".

Heard on the floor today:

Rep: "Now I'll ask you to get a piece of paper and a pen, so you can take down the following information. "


"Yes, a pencil will be fine."


"Do you have /anything/ you can write on?"


"Ok, sir, I'd like you to take down the following, on your paper plate..."

Heard on the floor, corresponding half of conversation supplied upon my request:

Mike: "Good morning! May I speak to Nick, please?"

Man: "Nick who?"

Mike: "Rofelia." [reading the whole name off the dialer, clueing in as he does so] "Nick Rofe...li...a.... good G-d."

Man: "Sir, this is a funeral parlour. That's really not funny."

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